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Sons Of Anarchy Season 1 Complete Episodes Preview

The series begins with the torching of a SAMCRO gun-assembly warehouse and the theft of guns by a rival club, the Mayans. The police attend the scene, where a cop, Tramell, who is on the SAMCRO payroll finds two dead illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, Jax's estranged meth-addicted wife Wendy, who is pregnant with his child, collapses. An emergency C-section is performed and the baby is delivered ten weeks prematurely. Jax struggles with the direction the club is taking, away from its roots and into less legal territory. Gemma tells Wendy that if she tries to gain custody of the child, Abel, that she will kill Wendy, and Gemma supplies her with drugs which Wendy immediately takes and from which she overdoses. Charming Deputy Chief Hale finds the immigrants' bodies at the burnt-out warehouse, but Tig and Bobby remove them before he can forensically examine them. Tara receives a threatening phone call from a former boyfriend and ATF agent, Josh Kohn, who comes to Charming to investigate the Sons.

To solve a gun-trafficking problem under the ATF's watchful eye, the Sons head out to Indian Hills, Nevada to patch over the Devil's Tribe Motorcycle Club. Whilst there, Clay sleeps with a girl named Cherry, who also takes a liking to Half Sack. Kohn follows the Sons, and witnesses their shoot out with the Mayans. Kohn provides Tara pictures of Jax in very compromising places to try and split the two. The Sons soon become aware of Kohn's presence in Charming. Clay is arrested on charges of aiding and abetting a triple homicide after guns the Sons sold were used in a shoot out. Cherry arrives in Charming, and Gemma realizes that Clay has slept with her. Shortly after Gemma assaults her with a skateboard, for which she is also arrested.

Tara reveals to Jax that Kohn has been stalking her since she broke up with him, and that she has a restraining order on him. Jax throws Kohn through a window before beating him and telling him to stay away from Tara. Kohn is arrested for breaking his restraining order and his career as an ATF agent is over. Kohn returns to Tara's house and attempts to rape her, before she shoots him in the stomach. Jax comes to her aid, but when Kohn calls Tara a "biker slut" Jax shoots him in the head. Jax buries Kohn in the hills.

Sons Of Anarchy Season 2 Preview

Sons Of Anarchy Complete Episodes

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Preview of The Big Bang Theory Season 1

The first season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory, that was originally aired on CBS from September 24, 2007 to May 19, 2008 over 17 episodes. An unaired pilot also exists.

Physicists Dr. Leonard Hofstadter and Dr. Sheldon Cooper get their lives shaken up when an attractive young aspiring actress from Omaha, Nebraska named Penny moves in to the apartment across the hall from theirs. Leonard begins to become hopelessly enamored of Penny, while she feels only platonic affection for him; as a result, she finds herself putting up with his closest and ever-present friends: his roommate, Sheldon, who appears borderline obsessive-compulsive; engineering whiz Howard Wolowitz, a desperately sex-crazed mama's boy who thinks that his 1970s-style clothing and hairstyle give him an air of cool hipness; and Dr. Rajesh "Raj" Koothrappali, who will not speak to her, as he is too shy to talk to girls, unless intoxicated, where he becomes a smooth talking yet highly overly aggressive womanizing flirt.

During Season one Sheldon loses his job for insulting his new boss, finds his ego bruised by a child prodigy, and finds himself unable to bear being part of a lie that Leonard has told—always attacking the world with a relentless need to assert his supremacy; Rajesh first learns that he can talk to girls, but only when he's drunk; and Penny and Leonard go out in the final episode.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Preview

The Big Bang Theory Complete Episodes

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Preview of Californication Season 1 All Episodes

The first season of Californication premiered August 13, 2007 and ended October 29, 2007. The season followed Hank and the other main characters in the months leading up to Karen's planned marriage to Bill, a Los Angeles publisher. Hank is wallowing deep in self-loathing following the release of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which he perceives as a sub-par yet popular movie adaptation to his most recent novel, God Hates Us All.

After picking up a younger woman in a bookstore, Hank finds out that she is actually Bill's 16-year-old daughter, Mia. Hank spends most of his time drinking and not writing. Meanwhile, Mia continues to haunt Hank during his visits to his family, using the threat of exposing his statutory rape of her to steal stories for her creative writing class. The death of his father triggers an alcohol fuelled binge and an eventual sexual encounter with Karen.

After his father's funeral, Hank stays in New York to finish a manuscript for a new novella. However, when Hank returns to LA, the original copy is lost when he is carjacked. Mia however has retained her own copy, and chooses to pass the work off as her own. On Karen and Bill's wedding day, Hank chooses to accept the way things are, but as he leaves the reception with his daughter Becca, Karen runs out and jumps into the car, riding into a new life together.

Californication Season 2 Preview

Preview of Californication - All Season & Episodes

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Complete Preview of Brothers & Sisters Season 1

Season One of Brothers and Sisters, an American serialized family-drama television series created by Jon Robin Baitz, began airing on September 24 2004 on ABC. Brothers and Sisters follows the lives of The Walker Family who include: Nora Walker, her brother Saul and her children Sarah , Kitty, Tommy, Kevin and Justin. The series began with the death of Nora’s husband William Walker and follows the discovery that he had a twenty year affair with Holly Harper and the fact that William and Holly had a child together, Rebecca, that no one knew about. As well as this central plot bringing the family together, each character must deal with the events of their personal lives.

Sarah, Tommy, and Saul, who are the most involved people with the family business, learn that William embezzled the company’s funds. The business revelation also reveales two major revelations on the personal front: William had a mistress, Holly Harper (Patricia Wettig) whom he kept for decades, and the couple were believed to have had a child, Rebecca (Emily VanCamp). The first half of the season introduces the family and there search into William’s secrets around Ojai. The second half of the season focuses on Rebecca and her integration into the Walker family. Her mother Holly also becomes involved as she goes into business with Tommy to open ‘Walker Landing,’ a vineyard.

Brothers & Sisters Season 3 Preview

Preview of Brothers & Sisters - All Season & Episodes


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